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We are a travel magazine that caters to the needs of all types of travelers. We are home to interesting and inspiring travel stories not only from award winning travel writers from around the world, but also from real globetrotters, daring backpackers and addictive travelers who just love getting lost at the slightest opportunity. We choose the travel destinations based on experiences of travelers and not on the basis of mere travel fashion. We bring to you only authentic travel stories about real great getaways and not any advertorials. Our writers travel beyond the established routes discovering wonderful but less-known corners of the world and therefrom bring a huge variety of individual travel experiences to you.

Travelmag focuses on destinations that are not only fun but also affordable. Naturally our picks are both classic destinations as well as the up-and-coming ones. Apart from articles on well known and lesser known travel destinations, we also bring you the best of travel literature, travel diaries of globetrotters, stories of backpackers, mountaineers, trekkers and bicyclists, travelogues of solo travelers, experiences of women travelers, views of travelling artists, travelling poets and travelling cartoonists as also travel tips, travel gossips and travel deals. We help you to be discerning travelers aiming at exploring off the beat destinations in India and abroad.

This travel magazine is aimed at making you a confident independent traveller. We aspire to give you wings by bringing to you inspiring stories of courage, confidence and great achievements from across the globe from people who achieved those feats and realized their dreams because they believed they could do it. We wish your wings will help you fly high and bring the world to your grip. By being with us you get to know that the world is such a beautiful place.

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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." – St. Augustine