Bibhash Chakraborty,
Theatre Personality,
I have had the privilege of going through the pages of the maiden issue of the magazine, between cover and cover, and wow, what a treasure-house of information and motivation it is!
Sabyasachi Chkarabarty,
Film Actor,
The news items, quiz, snapshots section, camera equipment suggestions, all contributed to the completeness of the travel magazine. If this has been the beginning, I am sure you will give other travel magazines a reminder to improve upon their products with your forthcoming issues. Way to go. My heartiest congratulations to your entire team that is striving hard to make TOURIOSITY a success.
Agnimitra Paul,
Fashion Designer,
The one that I enjoyed going through most was Ahoy! Two nights in an old boat in Stockholm. I had no idea that there could be a tour like that. The romantic appeal of the boat and the place around makes me feel like trying the boat hotel once. While going through the article I was filled with sheer excitement and can’t wait to try it for myself... In the end I would like to say that even if you are not much into travelling, after going through Touriosity, you will surely love to explore places. The articles and pictures have a great charm in them. If I could, I would love to spend all my money in travelling around the world.
Pralay Lahiri,
Ex-Merchant Navy Officer,
Just bought a copy of your magazine and was delighted to finally find a quality travel magazine from Calcutta. Loved the images and articles.
Dicky Sinha,
Khar (W), Mumbai
It is 1.00 AM and I could not wait till tomorrow morning to compliment you and your team. I am overwhelmed by the presentation and the contents of this magazine. I have travelled across 51 countries in the last 12 years on business. I must say I have gone through a lot of travel magazines, pamphlets and booklets across various countries; the way you and your team have presented this edition of Touriosity, it’s simply at par with the international standards.
Malgorzata Skowronska,
The Touriosity Mag offers inspiring stories that takes you to the heart of adventure, tales from most beautiful places on our planet and articles full of stunning photography. A great read for those that want to relax, forget about the hustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the world of exploration and adventure.
Alok Ganguly,
Ganganagar, Kolkata
Today itself for the first time I caught a glimpse of Touriosity and perhaps this is one of the best travel magazines I have come across till date. I have read so many Bengali magazines but all look very mediocre before Touriosity. It is not only splendid in terms of quality of print and paper but has simply mind-blowing photographs and travel stories. I have read the April issue in one go and I confess that Touriosity has indeed increased my curiosity by leaps and bounds. I have got addicted to your magazine. It finished so fast that I just can’t keep waiting for the next issue.
Sarah Brown,
Sydney, Australia
I am a travel writer from Sydney. At the moment I am visiting India on an assignment and chanced upon your magazine at the Kolkata Airport. I got a copy and completed reading most of the articles on board the flight itself. The issue was so engrossing. I had very little idea about Indian tribes, although I have, in the past, worked for quite some time with some tribes in Africa, going through the articles was nothing less than reading a good novel.
P. Savithri,
Mysore, Karnataka
Touriosity is a great encouragement to travel without fears and come back with great memories. I am a regular follower of all your issues and keep waiting for the next.
Dr. Sayan Bhattacharya,
Post Doctoral Researcher,
The quality of the magazine is top notch and the images and paintings are just awesome. I have recommended the magazine to my students who are very much interested in travel and photography.
Adrita Banerjee,
Salt Lake, Kolkata
It is interesting to see such unique themes of Touriosity each time... I am already trying to guess as to what the next issue will deal with... forests? Mountains? Perhaps not! But definitely it is going to be a unique theme once again.
Nilanjana Paul,
Being a tourism freak I go through all the tourism related articles which catch my attention but I don't think I have gone through any desert related magazine with such elaborate details.... kudos to you and your innovative ideas...
Haimanti Paul,
Leicester, England
It was the Kolkata airport waiting lounge where I got to see this magazine and must admit that I was amazed with the quality and variety of articles. My hobby includes travel and photography and with the first issue I fell in love with this magazine. Hope to read a lot of new destinations near and far.
Lisa Niver Rajna,
Los Angeles, California, USA
We are an American couple with a travel website to bring global awareness. We have been to New Mexico but not to White Sands Desert so that added a trip to our list for when we return to America next summer. We would love to share some of our India or South East Asia adventures with you and your readers. ….. From the clean efficient metro in Kolkata to being invited to a wedding in Puri, we have already had so many Indian adventures. …..
Swarnali Paul,
Salt Lake, Kolkata
Touriosity has made a lot of difference to all of us. It is not just a travel magazine, it is much more. Everybody in my family, loves browsing through its pages. There’s so much for every age group and people of every taste and preference.
Mahasweta Ray,
I am browsing through your TOURIOSITY Travelmag - Festival Touriosity issue (February 2013), which my brother brought home a few days back. I quite like this particular issue because of the cover story - I have always wished to visit some of the tourism festivals like the dance festival of Konark and the Goa carnival, and the information provided in this issue will surely help me plan my trips better! I loved the article 'My trip to Mali' by Joaquin Dorao. The illustrations are excellent!
Parna Mukherjee,
Law Faculty,
I have enjoyed reading most of the articles of this issue. I would like to specially mention the beautiful sketches in the article "My trip to Kerala", making it an awesome visual treat for the readers.
Papri Chatterjee,
I found this magazine extremely engaging. It helped me plan my next travel itinerary. It also gave me a firsthand sneak-peek into a traveler’s weather bitten knapsack. I thoroughly liked the piece on Matheran. It recreated a nice portrait of the tiniest hill station of India. Joaquin Dorao’s sketches added a unique point to his travelogue. I was thoroughly amazed by the photographs of the ice hotel especially the ice hotel suite in the ‘Swedish Lapland’ piece.
Anitha Jayaraman,
A friend of mine told me about Touriosity and I went looking for the magazine in a bookstore in Bangalore. I met with a magazine vendor quite unaware of the magazine. He started showing me other travel magazines. I told my friend who then sent me the magazine by courier. The magazine is truly fabulous, but I think the distribution in Bangalore should be looked into.
Dilip Kumar Banerjee,
Retired Employee of Tata Steel,
The beauty of the African natives and the jungle are soothing to eyes and provides quite a great experience for travel. The photography and articles are third eye to jungles’ beauty.
Papori Hazarika,
The Forest Special issue of Touriosity Travelmag was a treat to the eye, with equally great content and attractive cover. My 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter love the mag more than me because of the artist impression article and great pictures. Thanks to Tourosity for helping my children take their drawing classes seriously.
Nibedita Chakraborty,
Siliguri WB
I enjoyed reading about the beautiful places through the different articles written by writers who shared their stories with us.
Sandy Dhaliwal,
London, England
My name is Sandy and I am an NCTJ trained journalist from London.I am visiting East India at the moment and currently residing in Kolkata. I picked up your magazine and really enjoyed it. I particularly liked your pieces on the Galapagos Islands, Thailand and Goa.
Ajay Kumar Tharavath,
I have been following your magazine right from the very first issue and I must tell you that I am amazed to see as to how you manage to improve upon the quality every time.The quality of articles and images just keep improving with every issue. Your choice of destinations and the themes for your issues are all very unique.
Arpita Bandopadhyay,
Touriosity has generated its uniqueness by getting an artist’s travelling view and experience with his own paintings. The vivid descriptions of various distinct and beautiful remote places of India which are not easily available on internet are expected from the good team.